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Green Tea – Green Teas
Green Tea – Green Teas

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The amazing health benefits of green tea have been more and more widely researched in recent years. These health benefits are now much more easy to obtain with the increased availability of tea and related health products which are on sale in stores.

Only a few years ago it would have not been nowhere near as easy to experience the potential health benefits. There were much fewer suppliers of high quality tea in the western world and not so many of the other interesting tea related products such as supplements, cosmetics and other beauty products were on offer.

Discover the Benefits of Green Tea

There is now an excellent choice of different qualities and varieties of tea available. You can decide whether to gain the reported health benefits from the cheaper teas in bags, cheap loose teas, medium quality loose teas or the recommended choice a high quality loose tea.

'When tea has a sweet flavor, it may be called chia. If it is less than sweet and of a bitter or strong taste, it is called ch'uan. If it is bitter or strong when sipped but sweet when swallowed it is called ch'a'

Lu Yu from 'The Classic Of Tea'

If you choose the cheaper tea then it's still possible to experience the health benefits, but the quality of the taste and overall experience will not be so high. If you love drinking green tea then it can really add to the experience by using a Chinese teaset with a Chinese tea pot and tea cups. You can also learn how to have your own Gong Fu tea ceremony. This involves using a special Chinese tea set such as one made with the famous Yi Xing 'purple clay' and a high quality loose green or Oolong tea.

The benefits of green tea can also be enjoyed through pills, patches, extract and other supplements. As well as products to take internally you can enjoy the benefits with products such as green tea candles and cosmetics.

You can learn all about the
Health Benefits of Green Tea

I love these teas and have been drinking them for many years. There are so many different varieties to choose from and using a Chinese tea set is such a wonderful experience. With so many different designs to choose from and really great craftsmenship many people also enjoy collecting the Chinese teapots and tea sets.

Enjoy the benefits of green tea today!

Choosing a good quality tea is really not so difficult. You can begin to research the different varieties and the health benefits by using the information on this site to help you select the teas and related products which are best for you.

Green Tea News

New Study Shows That Green Tea Boosts Working Memory
If green tea were a celebrity, it would already sit near the tippy top of the A-list. Its active ingredients have been linked to an array of health benefits, including weight loss, decreasing anxiety, and stopping the growth of cancer cells. And now new research adds “memory enhancer” to the list.

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