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Green Tea – Green Teas: Learn all about them with the Green Teas Guide

The amazing health benefits of green tea have been more and more widely researched in recent years. These health benefits are now much more easy to obtain with the increased availability of tea and related health products which are on sale in stores.


Only a few years ago it would have not been nowhere near as easy to experience the potential health benefits. There were much fewer suppliers of high quality tea in the western world and not so many of the other interesting tea related products such as supplements:vitamin pills, pain relief pills or even we can find legal best prohormones, also cosmetics and other health and beauty products.

Discover the Benefits of Green Tea

There is now an excellent choice of different qualities and varieties of tea available. You can decide whether to gain the reported health benefits from the cheaper teas in bags, cheap loose teas, medium quality loose teas or the recommended choice a high quality loose tea.

‘When tea has a sweet flavor, it may be called chia. If it is less than sweet and of a bitter or strong taste, it is called ch’uan. If it is bitter or strong when sipped but sweet when swallowed it is called ch’a

Lu Yu from ‘The Classic Of Tea’

If you choose the cheaper tea then it’s still possible to experience the health benefits, but the quality of the taste and overall experience will not be so high. If you love drinking green tea then it can really add to the experience by using a Chinese teaset with a Chinese tea pot and tea cups. You can also learn how to have your own Gong Fu tea ceremony. This involves using a special Chinese tea set such as one made with the famous Yi Xing ‘purple clay’ and a high quality loose green or Oolong tea.

The benefits of green tea can also be enjoyed through pills, patches, extract and other supplements. As well as products to take internally you can enjoy the benefits with products such as green tea candles and cosmetics.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

I love these teas and have been drinking them for many years. There are so many different varieties to choose from and using a Chinese tea set is such a wonderful experience. With so many different designs to choose from and really great craftsmenship many people also enjoy collecting the Chinese teapots and tea sets.

Enjoy the benefits of green tea today!

Choosing a good quality tea is really not so difficult. You can begin to research the different varieties and the health benefits by using the information on this site to help you select the teas and related products which are best for you.

Green Tea Pills

teacupandpotstatue2Green tea pills are an excellent alternative for those who wish to gain the benefits of green tea to be more healthier or lose weight without actually drinking it.

Well I guess I just have to accept the fact that maybe some people do not like the taste or at least just prefer a coke or a coffee.

Green tea supplements come in many different shapes and sizes; there are green tea pills, green tea tablets, green tea capsules, green tea extract and even green tea patches. The pills and capsules contain between 250-500 mg of green tea extract.

The various products on offer tend to contain between 50 and 90% polyphenols. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one of these polyphenols and is thought to be a more powerful antioxidant than both Vitamin E and C. The supplements are also packed full of valuable bioflavanoids and you dont need to use Bulking Steroids or any other crazy supplements to get health and weight loss benefits.

Taking these supplements is a very easy way to gain the benefits of green tea. No boiling water, no tea pot’s, you can take them anywhere and at anytime. The green tea pills and green tea capsules are easy to swallow and many are also vegan and contain allergy free ingredients.

Another advantage of the supplements is they tend to contain less caffeine than the green tea leaves. So for those of you with a sensitivity to caffeine this is a big advantage.

So who can benefit from green tea supplements then? Well they are well suited to the non-tea drinkers amongst you! They are also suitable for busy people who need to be able to take their health supplements whenever and wherever they choose. If you are a big fan of green tea like me then maybe you won’t be needing an extra green tea boost, but it’s always good to know it’s there if you do need it.

There is a wide range of products on the market now and it’s always good to have a choice of product at very competitive prices. If you would like to see some very good quality green tea pills, green tea capsules and green tea extract then take a look here.

It has been discovered that green tea can have a beneficial effect on the metabolism and so can be used as an aid in dieting. To find out more about green tea supplements for dieting look on my website or if you are looking for weight gain supplement then visit this website: Crazy Mass.

History of Green Tea: Learn all about the History Of Green Tea

The history of green tea began in China. It is possible to find references to green tea in Chinese literature as far back as 5000 years ago.

There is an old Chinese legend that says a man was out walking one day when he accidently tasted the juices from a leaf of a tea plant. He though it tasted great and even felt the tea had special medicinal properties.

He decided it would be a good idea to create a drink by mixing it with water. This man was called Shien Non Shei.


As with all ancient history there are different stories to be told. Anotherlegend suggests it was actually an Emperor called Shen Nung who discovered tea when a tea blossom fell into a cup of hot water he was drinking.

Maybe these two men were even one in the same person. Whichever story is true I don’t know but thankfully it was discovered! Now people can be healthy and lose weight as also you can lose from best paleo caveman cookbook recipes book and renegade top diet book!

From this time on the history of green tea began to develop. In those days all tea was green. It was only later that Oolong and black or red teas were developed. Black tea is fermented and Oolong is semi-fermented. At that time tea was drunk fresh with the new leaves being mixed with hot water. It was already being noted that the tea was beneficial to the nervous system and aided digestion.

Tea drinking grew in popularity and became a pastime of the rich. Fine teas wereonly available to those who could afford them and green teas were even used as acurrency. Elaborate tea ceremonies developed involving large sets of tea makingequipment. Tea houses sprung up and tea connoisseurs prided themselves on thequality of their leaves and their tea making skill.

A book written in the Tang dynasty is considered one of the most important in the history of green tea. The book was written by Lu Yu and is called the “Tea Classic” or “Cha Jing”. It was written between 600 and 900 AD and spoke about exactly how and where one should enjoy a fine cup of green tea.

Eventually green tea made it’s way to Japan in the 800′s and the Japanese developed their famous teas such as Sencha, Matcha and Bancha. The history ofgreen tea developed further by the introduction of Oolong and black teas. It isbelieved this happened sometime after 1600 AD. Oolong tea then became verypopular in the South of China.

It is believed that Oolong tea, which is partially fermented green tea, becamepopular because green tea itself was so efficient in helping the body to riditself of fat that people decided they needed to keep the fat as times were sohard. They switched to drinking oolong tea which contains less fat oxidizingelements. Oolong tea is still one of the most popular teas in China today.

Green tea drinking was not just about the tea itself. A whole sub-culture of teapots, tea cups and tea sets developed. Tea became an art form with differentproducers vying for business in the manufacture of stylish and functional teamaking equipment. Some of the most famous tea pots come from the town of Yi Xingwith it’s world famous purple clay tea pots.

Eventually tea was brought to Europe and the USA. This happened in the 1600′s.Since then tea drinking has blossomed. The history of green tea continues with tea now being the second most popular drink on the planet. Even more popular than Coca Cola!

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Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Supplements

What is green tea extract and how is it produced? Well, an extract is a highly concentrated form of the valuable part of the original plant. So with green tea it’s the valuable catchetins which are extracted.

The process of extraction involves using steam or water to extract the valuable substances which are then dried into a powder form. Extracts are then made available to the public in liquid, capsule or tablet form.

So what are the benefits of taking green tea extract? Well if you want to get a good high dose of the EGCG then it also can be much easier to take a supplement or extract in liquid form than just by drinking several cups of green tea every day.

Some people love to drink lots of tea every day, but it’s also very convenient to be able to gain the health benefits in a quick and easy manner by taking an extract. Certain research has suggested that to gain the full health benefits it may be necessary to drink between 3-10 cups a day you dont need to take supplements, pills or even Legal Steroids also known as Cutting Steroids to have good health and fit body.

healthy tea cup

If you are on a diet and trying to find ways to enhance your weight loss program adding some green tea extract to your plan may not be such a bad idea. A nice cup of green tea in the morning followed by some green tea extract is a fine way to start the day! Green tea has been found to speed up the metabolism without causing the problems which are associated with other stimulants.

But, it’s not only people who are trying to lose weight that can potentially benefit. The catchetins in the tea, especially the egcg provide a whole host of benefits. Green tea has been found in various studies to fight cancer, aid digestion, provide high levels of antioxidants, fight free radicals and even treat headaches.

It has even been suggested recently that green tea may be able to help treat patients with HIV. Again it’s the egcg which is the star! Scientists in Japan say it stops HIV from infecting healthy cells. Although it was stressed it would not provide benefit just by drinking the tea it may be able to form part of a new anti-HIV drug.

The information about the potent health giving qualities of the tea leaf has been known for many years in China and Japan. It is believed that they both suffer from less cases of cancer than other countries partly due to the high levels of green tea which are consumed.

So with so many benefits are there any known side effects of green tea extract? Well the short answer to that is not really! It is believed the only real problem can come from taking too much which can cause a problem for those who are sensitive to caffeine. So if you are sensitive or pregnant then you should consult a doctor before taking any products.

Green tea extract is a healthy and natural way to discover the potential health and weight loss benefits of green tea. Try some Green Tea Extract today!

Green Tea Diet – Green Tea Weight Loss

Green tea diet studies have come up with very some interesting information about green tea’s ability to assist in a weight loss program. This kind of information is increasingly important in today’s society. It is believed that about 300 million people worldwide suffer from obesity some of them even take Legal Steroids or in other words Cutting Steroids to lose that weight fast, but loosing too fast weight is not a healthy idea and taking supplements like this you should know how to use it properly.

For example figures show that about 14,000 Scottish people die each year due to obesity related conditions and over 50% of Irish people are said to be overweight. So any news about products which can help has got to be good news!

cups and pot

When people become overweight and go on to be obese the additional fat in the body can produce certain hormones which disrupt the flow of blood. The blood can thicken and eventually clot. Supply is cut off to the organs and heart disease, diabetes and even death become a risk.

So how can green tea help? Well, as well as the antioxidant, bioflavonoid, mineral and infection fighting properties the tea can have a beneficial effect on digestion and on the metabolism.

The benefits on the metabolism are said to have been noticed many years ago in China when people actually switched from drinking green tea to drinking Oolong tea which was less efficient at helping to burn calories. As times were hard they needed to keep their fat as long as possible!

Now recent studies on mice and humans have shown that the benefit of green tea for dieting is indeed a valuable one. It is believed the catechin polyphenols in the tea help to speed up the metabolism and thus help to burn fat faster.

Green tea and weight loss have now been linked together more and more in these recent studies, but who can benefit from this and how? Well anyone who is currently trying to shed a few pounds could consider incorporating some green tea into their diet.

All dietary supplements and aids should only be taken as part of an overall plan. By far the best way to loose weight is to take regular exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet and seek professional medical assistance if necessary.

One of the great things about green tea is if you choose to follow a green tea diet plan by drinking the tea then you can have great fun trying all the different teas which are available. You could even buy a cool Chinese tea pot and cup to drink it from! So drinking Chinese diet green tea can be beneficial to your health and even become an interesting hobby.