Tea Infuser – Get Yours Today!

A tea infuser or tea filters and tea bags are all useful accessories to your tea drinking.If you want to get the most out of your tea then it’s good to have information onall of the things which can help you.

It is of course possible to just throw the leaves in a cup and add water, a method whichis used most commonly and is by far the simplest and most convenient. But sometimes it’s nice to add a bit of style to your drinking and make use of some of the great tea ware which is now available.

Tea pots are great, especially Yixing Tea Pots if you are into Gong Fu brewing. I’d say an Yixing pot was really an essential if you like quality Oolong teas. If you like otherstyles of pot then there is a huge choice available.

You can collect tea infusers!

Using an infuser is an interesting and fun way to brew your tea. They have a long history of use andcome in many fun shapes and sizes. They make perfect gifts and are great collectors items. The average product today is very reasonably priced, but if you like antiques then you can see some antique silver tea infusers here.

The smaller models are perfect for black teas and not really suitable for green or Oolong teas.The tea will expand when in the water and so the larger leaf teas need more room. When using a tea infuser you should only fill it about half full to allow for expansion.

If you want to brew green or Oolong tea then you can use one of the more modern varieties which are also known as tea filters. They have much more space to allow the tea to expand. The filterscan be used inside a mug or inside a pot.

Another useful accessory is the tea bag. These bags come empty to allow you to fill them with yourfavorite brew. They are available in disposable or re-usable cotton. They make it easy for you to take some of your favorite tea with you wherever you go. Just pop it in a cup, add water and enjoyyour tea.

So using tea infusers, tea filters and tea bags is an easy, quick and efficient way to brew your tea.No worrying about over steeping; just pull the infuser out and you have a perfect cup of refreshing tea wherever you may be.

Perfect for black teas this fun Sunflower infuser would make a great gift. It has a 2″ mesh.



This high quality filter is designed to go in a tea pot and is made with 23 karat gold plating.



These handy bags make it easy to take your favorite tea wherever you go.