Green Tea Diet – Green Tea Weight Loss

Green tea diet studies have come up with very some interesting information about green tea’s ability to assist in a weight loss program. This kind of information is increasingly important in today’s society. It is believed that about 300 million people worldwide suffer from obesity some of them even take Legal Steroids or in other words Cutting Steroids to lose that weight fast, but loosing too fast weight is not a healthy idea and taking supplements like this you should know how to use it properly.

For example figures show that about 14,000 Scottish people die each year due to obesity related conditions and over 50% of Irish people are said to be overweight. So any news about products which can help has got to be good news!


When people become overweight and go on to be obese the additional fat in the body can produce certain hormones which disrupt the flow of blood. The blood can thicken and eventually clot. Supply is cut off to the organs and heart disease, diabetes and even death become a risk.

So how can green tea help? Well, as well as the antioxidant, bioflavonoid, mineral and infection fighting properties the tea can have a beneficial effect on digestion and on the metabolism.

The benefits on the metabolism are said to have been noticed many years ago in China when people actually switched from drinking green tea to drinking Oolong tea which was less efficient at helping to burn calories. As times were hard they needed to keep their fat as long as possible!

Now recent studies on mice and humans have shown that the benefit of green tea for dieting is indeed a valuable one. It is believed the catechin polyphenols in the tea help to speed up the metabolism and thus help to burn fat faster.

Green tea and weight loss have now been linked together more and more in these recent studies, but who can benefit from this and how? Well anyone who is currently trying to shed a few pounds could consider incorporating some green tea into their diet.

All dietary supplements and aids should only be taken as part of an overall plan. By far the best way to loose weight is to take regular exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet and seek professional medical assistance if you want to start using steroids.

One of the great things about green tea is if you choose to follow a green tea diet plan by drinking the tea then you can have great fun trying all the different teas which are available. You could even buy a cool Chinese tea pot and cup to drink it from! So drinking Chinese diet green tea can be beneficial to your health and even become an interesting hobby.