Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Supplements

What is green tea extract and how is it produced? Well, an extract is a highly concentrated form of the valuable part of the original plant. So with green tea it’s the valuable catchetins which are extracted. For more info check out anabolic steroids page.

The process of extraction involves using steam or water to extract the valuable substances which are then dried into a powder form. Extracts are then made available to the public in liquid, capsule or tablet form.

So what are the benefits of taking green tea extract? Well if you want to get a good high dose of the EGCG then it also can be much easier to take a supplement or extract in liquid form than just by drinking several cups of green tea every day.

Some people love to drink lots of tea every day, but it’s also very convenient to be able to gain the health benefits in a quick and easy manner by taking an extract. Certain research has suggested that to gain the full health benefits it may be necessary to drink between 3-10 cups a day you dont need to take supplements, pills or even Legal Steroids,  for small example: best steroid stack for sale at UK legal, also known as Cutting Steroids to have good health and fit body.


If you are on a diet and trying to find ways to enhance your weight loss program adding some green tea extract to your plan may not be such a bad idea. A nice cup of green tea in the morning followed by some green tea extract is a fine way to start the day! Green tea has been found to speed up the metabolism without causing the problems which are associated with other stimulants.

But, it’s not only people who are trying to lose weight that can potentially benefit. The catchetins in the tea, especially the egcg provide a whole host of benefits. Green tea has been found in various studies to fight cancer, aid digestion, provide high levels ofantioxidants, fight free radicals and even treat headaches.

It has even been suggested recently that green tea may be able to help treat patients with HIV. Again it’s the egcg which is the star! Scientists in Japan say it stops HIV from infecting healthy cells. Although it was stressed it would not provide benefit just by drinking the tea it may be able to form part of a new anti-HIV drug.

The information about the potent health giving qualities of the tea leaf has been known for many years in China and Japan. It is believed that they both suffer from less cases of cancer than other countries partly due to the high levels of green tea which are consumed.

So with so many benefits are there any known side effects of green tea extract? Well the short answer to that is not really! It is believed the only real problem can come from taking too much which can cause a problem for those who are sensitive to caffeine. So if you are sensitive or pregnant then you should consult a doctor before taking any products.

Green tea extract is a healthy and natural way to discover the potential health and weight loss benefits of green tea. Try some Green Tea Extract today!